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Isn’t this video the one where the maker’s friend’s dog dies. So he buys her another. And she cries. And he cries. And I cry.

Isn’t this video the one where the maker’s friend’s dog dies.

So he buys her another.

And she cries.
And he cries.
And I cry.







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Why is sorcery such a bad thing in Frozen?

Like okay the bitch froze the land
But that bitch wouldn’t have been so scared if people were like WOAH THIS BITCH CAN MAKE A FUCKING SNOWMAN COME TO LIFE

I want a back story.
I want a reason why.
And I want a sequel that totally pits Elsa and some other bitch like a fire bitch fighting and being pure bitches.



"It’s crool an unyooshual punishments I tells ya!"

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no matter how sad I am this never fails to make me laugh


no matter how sad I am this never fails to make me laugh








Avengers Age of Ultron Sneak peak


Stop it to close

1 year.
Just 1 year.

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just a friendly reminder that by you choosing not to post naked photos of yourself online or to sleep with more than one person in your life, it does not mean that you are superior in any way, shape or form to those that choose to do so

Why is this shit even criteria for what makes someone a good person.

This is a site of children!

I just want my cat gifs and the occasional play on words.
And people sharing awesome art.
And the funny edits.
And the funny videos.
And the skateboarder with the guy getting sucked off and the dogs humping.
And when I’m feeling fruity, maybe a weird as fuck porn blog that scares the shit out of me but at the same time it’s sort of hot in a ‘I’ll never tell anyone what I’ve seen’ sort of way.

Not this shit.
Not people telling me rape is wrong.
That women are equal.
That gays have rights.
That racism is bad.
That straight white boys are horny.

You are children getting mild highs because you think you’re doing some sort of social justice.

If you want social justice go down to the court of the rapist and show how you feel.
Say something to the people who put women down.
Tell your pastor, priest, council, goverent, mother, uncle, grandpa that you support gay rights and why they should too.
Tell that piece of shit to shut the fuck up when he shouts ‘nigga’
And finally ALL teenagers are horny.

So shut the fuck up and give me a cat eating a fucking ice cream.

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REALLY just wanna take this chance to remind the people who follow me to not kill/trap opossums if they’re in your yard, and do not call animal control! Seriously.

  1. Opossums are literally 100% BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE of carrying rabies. Their body temperature is too cool to incubate it properly.
  2. Opossums are actually quite gentle and NOCTURNAL, so if they’re roaming, they’ve probably gotten lost, been injured, and are looking for a place to hide.
  3. Young opossums tend to try to climb into garbage cans when they’re starving. This is because THEY ARE LITERALLY STARVING. Don’t fucking shoot them or hit them with things because you wanna be some fucking macho top-of-the-food-chain cocksucker.
  4. Mama possums are amazing mothers and if you encounter an “aggressive” opossum, it’s probably because she’s got babies hanging off her nipple and she’s freaking out. They’re clumsy. Sometimes they don’t hear you coming and  you catch each other off guard.
  5. Wanna lure an opossum off of your property? You can set up a box with some greens and cat kibble in it, hide it well, and lure them out that way. They’re actually quite harmless and keep other predators away. they eat lotsa gross stuff.
  6. Opossum mamas who get hit by cars often still have their helpless babies attached to them. Possums get a bad rep and people say they are “the dumbest animal”, but they are incredible creatures who have been around since the days of fucking dinosaurs so treat them well, okay?

yo there is a mom and baby possy right outside by the dumpsters at work. I think she might be hurt a little. Shes hiding in a bush and boy are they cute.

I’ve never understood why America get these awesomes critters and all we get are screaming foxes.

I’d be chasing raccoons and possums all night wanting a hug.

Returning home with fleas and half a face.

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